THE NEWTOWNER: An Arts and Literary Magazine

Georgia Monaghan founded The Newtowner: An Arts and Literary Magazine    and acted as its Editor in Chief from 2010 to 2014.

​The Newtowner is an arts and literary magazine that showcases the work of established and emerging literary, visual and performing artists from the local area and across the nation.

It is one of the few arts and literary journals that operates as a grass roots, all-volunteer movement in a local community, and that is not funded or supported by a university or college.

Its mission is to celebrate creative community and the life-affirming power of literature and the arts.

The Newtowner's editorial staff also works with and regularly publishes the creative work of Garner Correctional Institution inmates in a dedicated section called "From the Inside Out."

In a digital age, The Newtowner is an ode to print as an art form. It is a perfect bound, full-color art magazine printed on 100# weight silk-textured paper with luscious graphic design.

But even more than a magazine, The Newtowner is a community of readers, writers, editors, artists, and art lovers who together support the arts and each other.

The Newtowner's community outreach has included:
- poetry and prose readings
- musical and dramatic performances
- panel discussions
- creation of The Newtowner Poetry Award
- mentoring of youth editors
- arts festival support and involvement
- attendance at readings and performances by inmates at Garner Correctional Institution

Praise for The Newtowner:
"I am a lucky guy to have been profiled in such a gorgeous and arts-friendly magazine. The Newtowner has it all: compelling writing, great photography, and an attractive layout that can proudly stand beside the New York 'slicks.' Each issue is a pleasure to read."
-- Wally Lamb, best-selling novelist

“For those engaged in the world of arts and literature, having a publication like this available to your community is something of a dream come true."
 --Mark Danowsky,

“Your publication is delicious . . . a deep dish apple pie of a magazine.” 
-- Ethel-Anne Roome

“The most complimentary thing I can say about The Newtowner is that it is real. It bleeds and sweats and has soul. Thank you.” 
--Vincent, Garner Correctional Institution 

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